Rodney's Aircraft Reservation Portal
Beverly, Massachusetts

Welcome to Rodney's Aircraft Reservation Portal!

  • Hobbs and Tach hours can be logged via webpage or texting
  • Online uploading of fuel/oil slips for account credit or reimbursement (webpage or texting)
  • Members can make online payments via PayPal or QuickBooks (echecks)
  • Member accounts can be posted to an online QuickBooks account
  • Tracks pilot certificates and related documents
  • Tracks maintenance items such as squawks and scheduled maintenance
  • Keeps track of and enforces which members are checked out in which aircraft
  • Members can schedule aircraft with an instructor before being checked out in aircraft
  • Members can view and enter squawks via vebpage or texting
  • Admins can post documents for viewing by members such as POHs
  • We do not release any contact information to third parties
  • We do not present any third party advertisements
  • Simple web page design facilitates quick loading on mobile, laptop and desktop

Sign Up Your Club For a Free Trial Account

There is a free trial that gives one month of basic service. After that...

  • Basic service monthly charge of $ 30.00 allows
    • up to 25 equipment (aircraft, instructors, other)
    • up to 100 members/users
  • Additional equipment capacity: $ 1.00 per month per 5
  • Additional member/user capacity: $ 1.00 per month per 20


  • Normal payment is 1 month at a time with no discount
  • For paying 3 months at a time, 5% discount
  • For paying 6 months at a time, 10% discount
  • For paying 12 months at a time, 15% discount

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Members can select which aircraft, instructors and equipment they want shown on schedule.

Schedule shows timeline for each selected aircraft, instructor and equipment
so members can easily check availability.

Optionally, members can enter their hobbs and tach numbers,
eliminating errors transcribing numbers from paper log sheets.

The hobbs and tach numbers can be texted if members prefer.

Rodney's Aircraft Reservation Portal
Beverly, Massachusetts

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